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Adventure at Brimstone Hill, Book 1 St. Skip to content. They find themselves transported to the 18th century, captured as spies and thrown into a fierce battle between the British and the French for this famous fort. It was built by the English in the early 18th century to defend the island. It stands today as one of the best preserved historical fortifications in the Americas.

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Ann-Catherine Loo's realistic pencil illustrations are somewhat static but work well with the text and will appeal to readers transitioning from picture books to chapter books. Finally, Ottley-Mitchell's skill as a story-teller is not to be discounted. The stories hold the reader's attention, the characters are interesting and believable, and both books present well-developed plots. As a historical fiction writer in particular, Ottley-Mitchell is in her element, seamlessly blending fact and fiction, accurately reflecting the beliefs and values of the times, and revealing an understanding of historical events that rivals the practiced historian.

Additionally, the time slip device used in both books is well-thought-out and consistent; Chee Chee the monkey seems to be the one who somehow magically opens up the portal to the past. This reviewer found the endings of both books to be slightly abrupt and the stories could have been fleshed out a bit more, but altogether, the Caribbean Adventure Series is a welcome addition to the rather small sample of Caribbean historical fiction for young readers. It will be interesting to see if pirates will feature repetitively in future books in the series.

It would be nice to see Ottley-Mitchell expand her range and explore other aspects of Caribbean history. Reading level: ages 9 and up!

News and commentary on Caribbean culture, literature, and the arts

About Anansesem. Anansesem is an online magazine of Caribbean children's and young adult literature by adults and children. We strive to bring you the best in news, reviews and creative content from the world of Caribbean children's publishing. If you have children under the age of three, be sure to book a Royal Caribbean cruise that offers a nursery.

For child and parent alike, the nursery is a wonderful resource. In addition to the Nursery, there is often a open play area set up during the day for parents to bring their young children to and play. This is unsupervised play time, but does provide an opportunity every day for parents with toddlers to have space to crawl, play, and have some fun.

Adventure Ocean is complimentary and is offered for most of your day onboard your ship, whether the cruise is in port or at sea.

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From when Adventure Ocean opens until 10pm, there is no additional cost to use Adventure Ocean. From 10pm to 2am, Royal Caribbean offers an after hour option that has an hourly cost for parents that want to let kids stay a bit later. It's a mix of learning, play time and socializing. Kids are checked in and out by parents and it's fully supervised by Royal Caribbean staff.

The requirement for children to participate is to be at least 3 years old and be fully potty trained. There are after hours programs offered as well in Adventure Ocean for an hourly fee if parents want their kids to have supervision later into the evening. On port days, Adventure Ocean is open for the entire duration your Royal Caribbean ship is in port.

Once the ship leaves port, it resumes the normal schedule described in sea days. In addition, Royal Caribbean will open Adventure Ocean early enough for guests booked on Royal Caribbean shore excursions to drop children off.

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Check with the staff on exact times. Tweens and teens have their own programming on Royal Caribbean ships. Just like the younger children, there is crew member supervision, but the activities are designed to be more open and less restrictive to the kids.

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There are teen-only spots onboard the ship where they can come and go as they please. Each day there are teen only events planned in the Cruise Planner, where teens can have dedicated time to enjoy special activities. Royal Caribbean ships are known for their amazing features, like ice skating rinks, surf simulators, bumper cars, and more, so teens will have opportunities to enjoy these activities exclusively.

If you want to get an idea of the kind of activities offered by Adventure Ocean, here is a sampling from previous cruises. This list is not indicative of everything offered by Royal Caribbean, nor is it a guarantee that it will be offered on your sailing. It is merely an example of the sort of programming available in the past. A common question is if kids are charged the same as adults on Royal Caribbean, or if there is a cost to bring infants onboard.

Like most of the cruise industry, Royal Caribbean charges all of its guests the same regardless of age. Cruise line pricing is based on double occupancy in a stateroom, and this has to do with the pricing model the cruise industry relies on to be profitable. If your children will be the third or fourth or more passengers in the same room as two adults, their cruise fare is usually far less than the first two adults. Occasionally, Royal Caribbean offers discounts on third and fourth passengers, as well as Kids Sail Free deals.

Caribbean Adventure Series | CaribbeanReads

Be sure to consult your travel agent for guidance on taking advantage of these deals when they are available. Most families book a single stateroom for their family during the cruise. Royal Caribbean has staterooms that can accommodate three and four passengers easily, along with some stateroom configurations that can handle even more guests. If you need more space, some suites can handle even more guests. Depending on your family size, age of your children, and your comfort level, booking multiple staterooms can often be the same or cheaper than booking a large room.

Multiple rooms provides not only additional living space, but extra restrooms and separation from parents and children.

Cruising with kids on Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean does offer some rooms with a connecting inside door between rooms. If you need a crib, Royal Caribbean can provide a pack 'n play upon request. You can request this prior to your cruise by contacting Royal Caribbean or your travel agent, however, you can still get one once onboard the ship. Speaking of toddlers and young children, you will need to bring your own supply of diapers, bottles, and other supplies. Royal Caribbean provides milk to all guests without an additional charge skim or regular.

Some parents prefer to bring their own kid-friendly snacks and food, which is permissible by Royal Caribbean.